Orrin Woodward serves as the President of All Grace Outreach (AGO). This dedicated husband and father to his wife Laurie and their four wonderful children is the New York Times bestselling author of LeaderShift and Launching a Leadership Revolution. He has sold over two million copies of his highly acclaimed books, and his first solo project, RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for Life, was named as an All-Time Top 100 Leadership Book. As cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Life, his professional work history has focused on engineering, international business consulting and public speaking, community building, authorship of books on leadership and personal development, and last but not least, service as a wrestling coach. Orrin is committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, to instilling biblical values in homes around the globe, and to assisting less fortunate youth. And he is also involved in efforts to build churches and orphanages in India. Orrin possesses a selfless, heartfelt desire to improve and enhance the lives of others and therefore donates 100 percent of the advances and royalties he receives from sales of the first edition of Launching a Leadership Revolution to All Grace Outreach. AGO is blessed to operate under his wise yet humble guidance.

Originally a systems engineer with a degree from Kettering University, four patents, and a national benchmarking award, Orrin Woodward became a cofounder and Chairman of Life Leadership, and a New York Times bestselling author. He also held a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the Largest Book Signing, is one of the Top 20 Most Followed Leadership Influencers on Twitter, is ranked on Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts, and its Top 100 Speakers list. 



Amidst his multitude of accomplishments, one unwavering priority for Orrin is giving back and making a profound impact on the community. Beyond the accolades and milestones, he recognizes that true success is measured by the positive change he can effect in the lives of others. Orrin’s commitment to philanthropy and community betterment is not just a part of his journey; it's at the very core of his life's mission. His dedication to making a difference stands as a testament to the enduring significance he places on leaving a legacy of compassion, generosity, and meaningful change.