AGO Board of Directors

Orrin Woodward serves as the President of All Grace Outreach (AGO). This dedicated husband and father to his wife Laurie and their four wonderful children is the New York Times bestselling author of LeaderShift and Launching a Leadership Revolution. He has sold over two million copies of his highly acclaimed books, and his first solo project, RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, was named as an All-Time Top 100 Leadership Book. As cofounder and Chairman of the Board of Life, his professional work history has focused on engineering, international business consulting and public speaking, community building, authorship of books on leadership and personal development, and last but not least, service as a wrestling coach. Orrin is committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, to instilling biblical values in homes around the globe, and to assisting less fortunate youth. And he is also involved in efforts to build churches and orphanages in India. Orrin possesses a selfless, heartfelt desire to improve and enhance the lives of others and therefore donates 100 percent of the advances and royalties he receives from sales of the first edition of Launching a Leadership Revolution to All Grace Outreach. AGO is blessed to operate under his wise yet humble guidance.

Chris Brady serves as the Vice President of AGO. Chris is the CEO and Creative Director as well as a cofounder of Life.He is also a New York Times bestselling author who has sold over two million copies of his books and has spoken all over the world teaching success principles to hundreds of thousands. He pursues excellence in being a husband, father, and follower of Jesus Christ and is an avid motorized adventurer, world traveler, humorist, community builder, business owner, reader, and lifetime student. The biggest joy for Chris comes in spending time with his wife Terri and their four children, attending soccer games, and dancing with his daughter. Chris is deeply committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and is a strong supporter of charitable donations for mission trips and assistance for less fortunate children and widows. In keeping with this passion and purpose, he donates 100 percent of the advances and royalties he receives for the first edition of the bestseller Launching a Leadership Revolution to All Grace Outreach. AGO is honored to have Chris serving as its Vice President.

Rob Hallstrand serves as the Treasurer of AGO. Rob is a cofounder and the Chief Operating Officer of Life. He is a devoted husband to Susie Hallstrand and the proud father of three children. Despite the demands of his work schedule, Rob shares the duties of soccer and diving dad and can be found most weekends cheering on his children. A longtime friend and trusted business partner to the Woodward and Brady families, Rob works hard to support and advance the mission and vision of AGO to impact and improve the lives of children both locally and globally and to fund Christian outreach efforts throughout the world, and he is a welcome addition to the AGO Board of Directors.

George Guzzardo serves as a Director of AGO. Before building his own prosperous leadership company and cofounding Life, George completed eight years toward a pre-med degree and then joined a physical therapy practice in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He also pioneered a state-of-the-art industrial wellness program for the mining and forestry industries. George’s leadership skills and love for helping others are evidenced by his enormous and faithful following. As a highly successful entrepreneur and leader, George has become a nationally acclaimed speaker and life mentor to thousands. He has spent the last decade living his passion for helping families across North America to achieve healthier lifestyles and financial freedom while enjoying his love for traveling, meeting new people, and being outdoors. AGO is appreciative of the blessings George brings through his service on the Board of Directors.

Dan Hawkins serves as a Director of AGO. As a devoted husband and father of five girls, Dan offers an inspiring story of a humble auto mechanic who, through the application of Christ-centered principles, established his own business and grew to become an incredible leader to thousands. His leadership proficiency is so readily recognizable that he has been asked to speak across North America to groups ranging in size from 25 to over 15,000 people, and he also speaks on live webcasts shown around the world to share practical knowledge in all areas of leadership. He is a cofounder of Life and authors multiple blogs on leadership and life. Dan is dedicated to bringing out the best in everyone he meets and is always ready to motivate, encourage, and guide others to develop their leadership principles and then “pay it forward.” His gentle and insightful qualities bring a valuable contribution to the AGO Board of Directors.


Chris Swanson serves as the official Spokesman for All Grace Outreach (AGO). Chris is an expert in human transformation and is the author of the book Tinman to Ironman. Swanson is also a career law enforcement officer with experience spanning nearly 20 years in a variety of positions. He holds a degree in public administration-criminal justice and applied science and also has numerous state and national professional certifications; he is also a 4 time IRONMAN finisher. Chris has an undeniable passion for missions and service. He believes that "everyone should serve on a mission field, because we are called to it;” and his goal is to put All Grace Outreach at the forefront of organizing these efforts in order to lead millions of people to the Truth. Chris has served extensively with several Christian charities, including by not limited to, Feeding the 5,000 and Construction World Evangelism (CWE) and understands first-hand what it takes to build a missions culture. AGO is blessed to have such an influential leader and dedicated Christian, husband and father serving as the official Spokesman.