December 2019

AGO 2019 Review

2019 was a fantastic year for All Grace Outreach (AGO). Donations to worthy causes and charities totaled over $85,000 resulting in various needs being supported and met that will help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or assist women and children in distress.

AGO was very proud to support the following partial list of organizations in 2019 (some names have been omitted for privacy) and we pray that God will use all of the donations for His glory.

• Faith Community Christian School
• Shepherds Theological Seminary
• GAP Ministries
• Italy for Christ
• Milwaukee Rescue Mission
• Wisdom for the Heart
• Wild Hearts Rescue Ranch

All Grace Outreach does not employ any paid staff and runs 100% on volunteer labor and donations. We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed time, money, and effort toward the AGO cause so that we can continue to bless more lives and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. We are looking forward to an even more prosperous and giving 2020.

God Bless,


May 16th, 2018

All Grace Outreach President, Orrin Woodward, Supports Pro Life Event in Michigan


On Thursday, March 15th, 2018, All Grace Outreach president, Orrin Woodward, spoke to an audience of over 300 people at the inaugural ONElife for Life End Abortion Now Banquet in order to support the pro-life organization that is saving unborn babies in the Michigan area.

Launched in 2017, ONElife for Life exists to end abortion in Genesee County and beyond. The pro-life ministry was born out of ONElife church and has saved 46 babies in their first year.

ONElife for Life’s mission is to partner with gospel leaders to multiply life-giving ministry wherever abortion exists. They want to see the Bride of Christ boldly advancing God’s global life movement, saving preborn lives, healing broken hearts, and proclaiming the infinite value of His Image in all people.

“The ONElife for Life ministry just acquired the building right next to an abortion clinic. Every hour that the clinic is open, we are committed to sending volunteers and missionaries to engage the mother and father to choose life for their baby. We have made the decision to be as committed to saving babies as they are to killing them.” – Eric Stewart (Founder)

The goal of the ONElife for Life banquet on March 15th was to equip and educate the local community on abortion and raise funds in order to bring on a 2nd full-time missionary. “Living the Micah Mandate” from Micah 6:8 was the keynote address shared by All Grace Outreach president, Orrin Woodward.  [Video below]

Orrin Woodward’s talk was timely, convicting, and compelling and was definitely critical this early in our ministry in order to help take us to the next level. Our church and ministry would not be where it is today without the Woodward’s mentorship and their many years of support and encouragement. The training system from Life has been instrumental in our growth. Looking towards the future, we want to be able to franchise and duplicate our model across the country. Currently, there are 720 abortion clinics, so that would mean we could save nearly 37,000 babies a year.” Eric Stewart (Founder)

December 13th, 2017

All Grace Outreach and LIFE Raise Over $800,000 for Operation Underground Railroad!

On October 14th, 2017, LIFE completed its largest charitable Life on Life Initiative to date. Thousands of LIFE Members gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to participate in a push-up contest to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), a non-profit organization that rescues and rehabilitates children from sex trafficking.
The Life on Life project began in July of 2017, when All Grace Outreach spokesman, Chris Swanson, teamed up with O.U.R. Founder, Tim Ballard, and announced AGO's mission to raise $100,000 over the next 3 months. Despite being the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, child sex trafficking has received little attention in the media and public eye. That all changed when Ballard exposed the evils of this disgusting enterprise to thousands of caring and determined LIFE Members. After the announcement, it didn't take long for AGO President, Orrin Woodward, to personally commit to supporting this cause and propose a fundraising challenge to the entire Life community to (instead) raise $1,000,000 for Operation Underground Railroad!
"LIFE has moved beyond building a business on purpose into building our purpose on business. Just as Christ came to earth to set the captives free, we have focused on setting people free financially. After hearing Tim Ballard’s heart-wrenching testimony, we knew the cause was worthy and righteous because it's setting captive children free!" - Orrin Woodward
The Woodward Foundation committed to matching all funds raised dollar per dollar up to $500K, and the Brady Foundation committed to matching all funds raised by the LIFE Corporate Office employees. As expected, LIFE Members and corporate staff enthusiastically accepted the challenge and spent the next several months practicing their push-ups and securing pledges from friends and family for the October competition.

If you attended the event in October, you would have witnessed people from all walks of life, all ages, and all physical abilities participating in a push-up challenge with one goal in mind: to raise money in order to save helpless children who are being exploited and sold into sex slavery. The outpouring of support from everyone involved was truly inspiring.

The highlight of the evening was when AGO Vice President, Chris Brady, AGO President, Orrin Woodward, and AGO Spokesman, Chris Swanson, presented a check totaling $737,976 to O.U.R. representative, Matt Osborne, which was the current fundraising total at the time of the presentation.

"I was so blown away by the sheer goodness and generosity of everyone associated with LIFE and All Grace Outreach. It was amazing to see people from all walks of life and backgrounds, and representing many faiths, come together to do push-ups and raise funding and awareness for Operation Underground Railroad. Our operatives go into the deepest, darkest corners of the world and confront the worst of humanity to save exploited children. It was such an honor and pleasure to be with the best of humanity this past weekend in Louisville, Kentucky." - Matt Osborne (O.U.R. Senior Vice President for Rescue and Rehabilitation)

To date, All Grace Outreach has raised $811,540 for Operation Underground Railroad!

"This project has been an extreme contrast between ultimate evil and heartwarming good.  The way the LIFE community united to help vanquish something as heinous as human trafficking truly embodies the ‘Making a Difference’ part of what we do.  May the high profile of this project never fade, and may we never forget that there are people out there who desperately need our help." - Chris Brady
All Grace Outreach would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who was involved in making this Life on Life Initiative an overwhelming success! Whether you completed push-ups, pledged a participant, volunteered at the event, raised money, raised awareness, or generously donated, your support is saving the lives of children all over the world.


April 18th, 2017 All Grace Outreach Supporters Donate Crosses to Haiti It was after the hurricane that devastated the Island of Haiti in August of 2016 that the Lord put on my heart to send Crosses to Haiti. In listening to the leaders from Haiti at our leadership event, we realized that a lot of the people had lost their last shred of hope in that country. We wanted to put hope back into their lives through the message of salvation through the Cross of Jesus Christ. We asked Thierry LaPlanche, if it would be okay to send 1,000 Crosses to the Haitian community to hand out to their people and their children. I believe that without hope, it is almost impossible to dream, and people that have lost the ability to dream have lost all hope. We know the answer to all life's problems is through what Jesus Christ did on the Cross, His death and resurrection. As the idea unraveled, we realized that the flyer that explains salvation, and has John 3:16 on the back, that hangs on the Cross tied by a ribbon, had to be written in French. Our hope was to get the first delivery of Crosses there before Christmas. The first boxes were sent December 13th, with a 6 to 10 day expected delivery time. As Christmas approached, there was no sign or news of the Crosses. Christmas came and went and there was no news. Thierry was instrumental in locating the Crosses in customs. After many meetings and many issues he had to overcome, the Crosses were finally released from customs on April 12th. 2017, just in time for the Easter celebration. God's timing is always correct and on time. I want to thank All Grace Outreach Director, George Guzzardo, for his inspiration, and several others, many of whom helped in preparing the Crosses and packaging them for this mission.

"As a Christian, I deeply believe that peace, health, wisdom, and prosperity are blessings from God. I also believe that we are saved not by our actions, but by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Having those crosses reminds us of the victory of light against darkness. I want to thank Lon Weberg and his family for their faith, their dedication, and for making such a great difference in people's lives." - Thierry Laplanche

Written by Lon Weberg The Founders of The Cross Builder donate $5.00 to All Grace Outreach for every Cross purchase. The 1,000 Crosses that were sent to Haiti were donated by Lon Weberg and his family, with several AGO supporters contributing personal funds to help pay for shipping expenses.  The Story of the "The Cross Man" Carl Willard Larson (CWL) was 'The Cross Man." He devoted his life to serving the Lord, and was also a devoted husband and father. He went to be with the Lord on July 25th, 2014, at the age of 94. CWL always lead by example and expected nothing in return. At 90 years of age, his eye sight dimmed and his hearing challenged, he spoke from his nursing home bed about one of the many miracles that happened by handing out the cross. He talked about a time when he was in a hospital bed for six days when he was 85 years old due to improper medication, wondering why God put him there. Each day two nurses had to change his linen and he would have to roll from one side to the other. On the third day, the head nurse came in with a new assistant. As they were helping him, the head nurse said to the other nurse, "This man makes wooden crosses to give away". The other nurse pointed to CWL and said, "You are my angel. About two years ago I was at the lowest point in my life. I was unemployed, struggling with two small children, and my husband was being sent to prison on drug charges. My children and I had been eating at a local restaurant and when we were walking out I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was you offering me two crosses for my children. It was that act of kindness that totally changed our lives. After that, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized. My children and I are now attending church regularly. I went back to school and became a nurse. My life is totally different because of that one act of kindness". CWL laid back in his bed and knew exactly why God had put him in that bed, at that hospital, and at that time. Willard Larson began making crosses in 1960 when he decided the oak scrap on the shop floor should not be thrown away. Since that first cross was made, CWL gave away over 5,179 crosses, sized from 4 to 15 inches, and many special order sizes as requested. The crosses have been sent on mission trips to Africa, Latin America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Russia, Sweden, South America, and of coarse Canada and the United States of America. The Crosses that CWL constructed have made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people, always reminding us of the love that Jesus Christ has for everyone. Through Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross, it is possible for all to have salvation. CWL's legacy will live on as we continue to provide the Willard Larson Crosses. Each cross is hand crafted in every detail with love and prayer. Each Cross will always have Carl Willard Larson's initials and its own unique number. One of the last things Willard said was to get as many crosses out as possible.

God Bless,


February 27th, 2017

Support All Grace Outreach While You Shop!

All Grace Outreach strives to make a difference in the lives of others, and we do that through you and your support! There is a way to support AGO with all of your Amazon shopping! If you sign up to support AGO through Amazon Smile, 0.5% of your eligible Amazon purchases will be donated to AGO. You can designate your support for AGO by using the following link: 

All Grace Outreach: Amazon Smile

Thank you and God Bless, 



July 18th, 2016

All Grace Outreach Sends Several People to Chile with Chris Swanson on a Missions Trip

One of the most fantastic concepts that AGO has wrapped up was its mission around rewarding those who do good, with the opportunity to do even more good in the world around them. Recently, the Life on Life Initiative finished its biggest project to date–by far–by raising over $100,000 and helping a deserving family’s dream come true.

Because of the enormity of the PA Project, AGO Spokesman Chris Swanson, along with the Directors of AGO, put their heads together to find a way to raise the funds needed to carry it out. The first-ever Life on Life Push-Up Contest was born and consisted of three different challenges in one–Who could raise the most money total, Who could raise the most money per push-up, and Who could do the most push-ups–in both a guy’s and a girl’s division. The overall winners in both divisions were then awarded an all-expense-paid mission trip to the beautiful capital city of Chile with Chris Swanson and CWE Ministries! The following thoughts come from Chris Swanson, the two winners–Haley Frey and Joe Tullis–and the few other attendees, including AGO Director Bill Lewis, who had the privilege to join them on this life-changing journey to South America.

“When heading to a different country, you always go with a certain perception of how it’s going to be. Often times though, after being there, you find yourself feeling the exact opposite of what you started with. You realize that the people there appreciate you more than their words can describe. In the United States, it’s rare to see a lot of grateful people–and sometimes that makes you forget what it looks like. But when you go somewhere where they have been needing this church building that you are going to help build in four days–for ten years–and they are too amazed for words, and tears flow down their faces as they give you hugs and kiss your cheeks; you gain a whole new understanding of what Jesus was here to show us…why He came to teach us how to live and how to serve. Love and gratefulness is not supposed to be superficial or expected or forced. We can all learn a lesson from some of the most humble children and adults who have close to nothing…but give everything.” -Haley Frey

“When the Life on Life Initiative PA Project was announced at the convention in California, Joe and I both knew we were all in! A push-up fundraiser was right up our alley, and we immediately committed to training for it. We both share a passion for helping others become stronger each day in our careers as personal trainers, so we knew that this was something we could literally put our heart and soul into. We trained together at the gym and became stronger both physically and mentally throughout the next few months. We both had a strong desire to win the contest because we knew what the outcome would be and how many lives we could bless in the process.

We are forever grateful for the opportunity we had to be a part of not only the fundraiser, but also building a church for the beautiful people in Santiago, Chile. It’s amazing to think that our efforts were scattered to touch various lives and families!

It’s hard to put into words and describe our trip to Santiago. We met so many incredible people from not only the Life Leadership community, but also from Chile, Haiti, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New York. Twenty Americans traveled from the United States to Santiago to build a church for a community that had been praying for ten years to receive it. Together as a team we placed over 2,800 cinder blocks to set up the four outside structural walls as well as one inner wall. (There truly is ‘Strength in numbers!’)

In a little over four days, we completed week one of the project. Each day we made new friends, developed stronger relationships, and got to know some incredible people. We are grateful to have rubbed shoulders with some of Life Leadership’s own Bill and Keisha Lewis, Haley Frey, and Chris Swanson who was accompanied by his son Riley. We always knew they were inspiring people, but to work side by side with them and really get to know them forever changed our hearts. We came back from Chile with gratitude in our hearts and an increased desire to go out and serve others in our local communities. Thank you Life Leadership for this opportunity to serve and give back! Together, we can change the world!” -Joe and Linnea Tullis

“It’s amazing how easy it is to think that we are just going to ‘serve someone else,’ but then we end up always getting something more out of it. Originally, I thought I was going to go on this trip and give 100% of myself with no return. Man, was I wrong. I was blessed so much more than I could have imagined by the process, peace, hard work, great friendships, and being completely unplugged from the world and in fellowship with other Christians. This was truly a priceless experience.” -Bill & Keisha Lewis (AGO Director)

“Several things were impactful for me about this mission trip to Chile. The first would be that the Church group we were building that church for had been waiting for that building for 10 years. What a feeling to know that we were one of the crews that got sent in to fulfill that dream. Second was the gratification of building something of lasting significance that will stand for decades and perhaps centuries and impact thousands of lives in a positive way with the Gospel.  Finally, it was great to go there with a bunch of strangers and come away with a bunch of great new friends that you worked hard with for a fantastic cause.  What a great trip it was!” -Shaun Denman

“The mission trip was great. There were a lot of awesome people in Chile. We worked very hard and finished our task in three and a half days. The most impactful part for me was that the Chilean church members had such grateful hearts. Our team showed up late to church, and the Chilean people waited three hours for us just to give us a standing ovation. That was pretty incredible. Another part of the trip that I enjoyed was when we came together to talk more about God.” -Connor Denman

“During a week out of the country, many things happen that affirm the importance of serving in the mission field. What never ceases to amaze me is the impact made on the people there. On one of our drives back to the compound from a long day of work, our driver turned to me and said, ‘You know we will never remember your names once you leave…But what we won’t forget is what you’ve done for our people.’ We see it as one week out of our life, what they see lasts a lifetime. We came, we served, we left. But for the Chileans, we came, we served, and we left a legacy. All Grace Outreach left its handprint 4,000 miles from home and did what it’s called to do by showing how to love your neighbor as yourself–even when your neighbor is the closest country to the South Pole.” -Chris Swanson (AGO Spokesman from Michigan)

All Grace Outreach was represented very well by a few world-changers who were able to be a part of this trip. After helping build a house in the States for a family in need, this group got rewarded with the opportunity to serve–yet again– by helping build God’s house in Chile for a community in need. We are so proud of their selflessness, and the challenge is for every one of us to decide to make our local community our personal mission field on a daily basis. Millions of people are hurting, and it is our responsibility to help set them free in whatever way they need. 

God Bless, 


March 10th, 2016

AGO 2015 Review


2015 was an incredible year for All Grace Outreach (AGO). In the first quarter of the year, the Directors of AGO appointed Chris Swanson as the official spokesman in order to expand the AGO mission and reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With Chris Swanson’s involvement, AGO’s fundraising efforts for 2015 brought in $421,947, which is a 55% increase over 2014. The operating expenses for the year totaled $10,422, with $3,733 going towards booklets that are given away for free, and the remaining going towards accounting, banking and office items. Donations to worthy charities for 2015 totaled $403,229, with $8,296 designated for 2016. As a result, 98% of the funds were, or will be, distributed to various organizations that focus on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or assisting women and children in distress.


AGO was very proud to support the following partial list of organizations in 2015 and we pray that God will use all of the donations for His glory.


•  Care Net Pregnancy Center

•  Carriage Town Ministries

•  Catholic Christian Outreach

•  Ligonier Ministries

•  Shepherds Theological Seminary

•  GAP Ministries

•  Pregnancy Care Centre

•  Whaley Children’s Centre

•  World Vision

•  Zoie Sky Foundation

•  Founders Ministries

•  Italy for Christ

•  Feeding the 5000

•  Milwaukee Rescue Mission

•  Samaritan’s Purse

•  Wisdom for the Heart


All Grace Outreach does not employ any paid staff and runs 100% on volunteer labor and donations. We are so grateful for everyone who has contributed time, money and effort toward the AGO cause so that we can continue to bless more lives and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to an even more prosperous and giving 2016.


God Bless, 



December 5th, 2015

All Grace Outreach Blesses the Lives of Children in Honduras

Five missionaries from Pennsylvania made the decision to serve overseas in Honduras. AGO directors decided to check-match money that these missionaries raised in order to serve the children inan orphanage. The group was able to raise about $5,000 and All Grace Outreach then donated an additional $5,000 towards the project, giving the missionaries $10,000 to work with. The individuals decided to pay their own way for the trip so that all of the funds could be used to bless the children. In early November 2015, the group set out to see their fundraised money meet the needs of children and families of Santa Barbara, Honduras. Check out the feedback from those who served:

    We spent a day at the school, shopped for the children in the town of Santa Barbara, rode in the back of a pickup truck (woo hooo),worshiped with the children each night, ate our meals with them, practiced our Spanish skills, watched the children climb trees to get us coconuts, enjoyed every one of their hugs (they loved to be hugged and to give hugs), cried as we heard the stories of how they came to the orphanage, and witnessed the true meaning of God’s grace and servant leadership while there.” -Sharon Hoffman


    “What impacted me the most on this trip was witnessing the genuine JOY in the hearts of the children (the ‘served’) and the volunteers (the ‘servants’). I literally have never experienced anything like it! Life-Changing!! :)” -Leslie Gebhart


    “If I could go back, I would have not gone back to the missionary house early. I wish I would have stayed with the kids longer and experienced their devotional time. I also would have prepared myself more and learned Spanish before I went to Honduras.” -Lizzie Ober


    “What made me cry on the trip was hearing the stories about how the children came to the home (severe poverty, death of family members, suicide, etc.). One little boy, named Lester, especially broke my heart as they explained that he was afraid of taking a shower when he first arrived because he didn’t know what it was!” -Beth Ober

    All Grace Outreach is proud to support the children in Honduras!


    God Bless,



    July 22nd, 2015


    All Grace Outreach Partners with GAP Ministries


    “The world is my community.” Pam Ayers (Co-Founder of GAP Ministries)


    A child who had been in multiple placements and in and out of foster care stood before a judge when he thought everyone had given up on him. The judge said, “we are not giving up until you’ve tried GAP Ministries, because the love over there changes people.” When directors of All Grace Outreach (AGO), George and Jill Guzzardo, decided to support GAP Ministries through AGO, they could not have predicted the parallels and relationship about to unfold in their partnership.


    ……….”It was truly God’s providence.” George Guzzardo


    All Grace Outreach, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, prioritizes it’s beneficiaries based on these biblical principles:

    1. Those who spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. (Matt 28:18-20) 2. Those who help widows (1 Tim 5:3) and… 3. Those who financially support orphans in need. (James 1:27)

    As expected, GAP Ministries was prayerfully selected by the directors of All Grace Outreach as recipients for financial support due to their obedience in meeting all three criteria. This encouraged the Guzzardos, who are local leaders in Tucson, Arizona, to form an alliance with the creators of GAP and go deeper into their story.

    “When we first met Greg and Pam, we already knew there was such a strong parallel and connection – it blew my mind. The similarities in challenges for both of us early on were such strong catalysts and turning points and just knowing where they were and what they have done to benchmark this ministry, it’s absolutely incredible and we are so grateful for their example.” Jill Guzzardo


    Here’s their story:


    Greg and Pam Ayers started GAP in 1999 after several detours in their professional careers led them to the conclusion that what they were doing was not part of God’s calling for their life.

    ……….”We felt like God was saying, step away. So we did. Immediately, I wrote my resignation letter to the finance company I was working for and somehow “by God-cident” the letter was sent to the entire banking system, across several states and God used it to completely transform hearts. I shared my testimony in that letter and because of it I had phone calls coming in regularly for 2.5 weeks: 30-40 people accepted Christ over the phone and I had prayed for healing for nearly 70 people whom I did not know. I had more impact for the kingdom of God in those couple of weeks than I did my entire life up to that point.” Greg Ayers (Co-Founder of GAP)


    The Ayers knew that they wanted to serve in ministry, they just didn’t know to what capacity or in what direction. After attending seminary, they decided to do missions work over-seas which eventually led them to the idea of starting a local church where they could build it from the outside-in.

    “We thought that’s what we were suppose to do because it’s all we knew; and eventually it just started to feel like we were ‘playing church’ when God kept saying ‘be the church’.” Pam Ayers


    After walking away from that first church they started, Greg and Pam chose to take a completely different path which led them to Tucson, AZ to a location that was far from what they wanted. However, upon arrival, they both were overwhelmed with emotion and knew that it was exactly where God wanted them…so they stayed. Immediately they purchased a home and through prayer and fasting decided to start their ministry in Tucson.


    “In Exodus chapters 3 & 4 when God calls Moses, he answered, “Here I am.” God showed Moses that he could use what was in his hand, the staff, to convince the Pharaoh that God had sent him. When our family started GAP Ministries in 1999, God showed us that we should start with what we had in our hand–a home and food in our pantry.” Greg Ayers


    “We knew that biblically we had a responsibility to take care of the orphans and the widows so this is where we knew we needed to start. So we began to foster children. Eventually we were licensed as group home providers and were considered an orphanage.” Pam Ayers


    Their original mission was to create a true church without walls, inspired by a ministry in Florida that was already beginning to implement this concept but was not sustainable. God truly led the Ayers through a mine-field early on when He made a way for them to start several programs that few ministries ever have the funding to create.

    The programs can be summarized in 3 defined areas–Family, Community and Ministry.


    (We are) Family:

    SPLASH Home: Foster children, teens, young adults and families from birth to age 21 years of age who are in custody of the state by caring for them in a Splash House. There are currently 14 SPLASH Homes with up to 10 children of various ages living in each house, including sibling groups; these were created for the purpose of showing the children what it means to be a family. Live-in “house-parents” are married couples, who love and treat the children like their own by sharing God’s unconditional love as a vital part of the healing process.


    George Guzzardo agrees, “Let’s make a difference in the family, outside of the church.” 


    (We are) Community:

    -GAP’s community warehouse program is called BOOST where they share fresh food and basic needs items with over 60 Southern Arizona nonprofits serving the needy.

    - Community kitchen and food truck was designed to train young people in the culinary arts, maximize the use of donated perishable food and feed thousands in the community including their partnership with a local school district.

    -Outreach was designed to partner with nonprofits, churches, businesses and schools where they provide food, backpacks and toys at Christmas to low-income children and their families.

    -Backpack 2 School had a vision to impact elementary students in Title 1 schools by filling backpacks with all necessary school supplies to start the school year. In 2014, GAP gave out over 2,500 backpacks.

    -Fall Family Feast, Fundraising Events and so much more by standing in the gap for the community.


    (We are) Ministry:

    -GAP has partnered with a number of faith-based partners to host and participate in prayer and worship gatherings all around Tucson.

    -They have helped to see over 2,500 hours of prayer and worship mobilized for the needs of Tucson.

    -Every week several prayer meetings are hosted at GAP for schools, the community and the larger Tucson area.


    “Everything we do at GAP is what the church should be doing. I really believe GAP is a church without a steeple. We are doing the functions of a New Testament church under the umbrella of a 501(c)3 organization.” Greg Ayers


    What GAP Ministries is doing could potentially be a duplicatable model for other ministries. In fact, the pace at which they are growing is unheard of and they’ve even attracted the attention of government leaders because of the impact they are making in the state of Arizona, specifically in the foster care system:

    “I want to reach everyone! Not just those in the faith community. If I don’t get around them I can’t rub off on them. Because our arms are extended to reach even further the government is now coming to us asking, “how can you help us do what you are doing?” Of the 17,000 foster children in the state of Arizona residing in multiple foster systems, GAP Ministries was one of the only programs that received emotionally positive feedback from kids. THAT is why the government wants our help.” Pam Ayers


    AGO is proud to support GAP Ministries!


    God Bless, 




    July 17th, 2015


    All Grace Outreach Check Match to Help Widowed Family


    The question has never been, if you know somebody that’s hurting–because the world around us is always going to be full of hurting people.  The real question is if those who are hurting are part of any kind of community that is able to help them through the hurt.  Thankfully, Life Leadership–as a company–has committed to help people Have Fun, Make Money, AND Make a Difference.  While the mission is “corporate” in nature, it’s inspiring to watch as people get involved and catch the vision to make a difference in others’ lives.


    If you’ve been following this blog, you know that Life Leadership supports two main outreaches: All Grace Outreach (AGO) and the LIFE on Life Initiative. While the focus lately has been on the launch of the LIFE on Life Initiative, AGO has been consistently helping those in need in the background. Today, we’d like to share about a young lady and her family that got the support that they needed when their world turned upside down. Here is a quick summary to help you grasp some of what happened:


    Cindy Yoder’s life is an amazing story of trials and overcoming.  She was married previously and had three amazing children–Dominic, Mia, and Dimitri.  With that marriage came a lot of abuse, both verbal and physical. This eventually ended when the children witnessed their father physically abuse Cindy, set the house on fire and leave her for dead.


    This left many emotional scars on Cindy and her children’s hearts, but Cindy vowed to be an overcomer by raising her kids on her own. She worked hard at being self-employed, but seemed limited by time and the pull of being a full-time mother.


    Enter Johnny Yoder.  He had a tough path of growing up in rural Ohio and had some trouble with the law.  Life changed for Johnny when the Lord convicted his heart and he began to strive to change things in his life.  His talk was different and his walk was different. Cindy and Johnny met through Life Leadership with the goal to impact and transform lives, including their own. After hesitation due to their past, they got married in 2013 and realized they both had received what they wanted. Johnny was blessed with a loving wife to share his adventures and a way to give hope and grace to each other and those around them. Cindy was blessed with a stable, Christian man to share her love with and be a guide to her two sons and daughter.


    They started traveling telling their story and Johnny became the main source of income, allowing Cindy to stay at home with the children.  The roughness of two pasts would continually creep up, but they endured and became a stronger couple each time.  God gave them a pregnancy of a baby girl due April 2015.  Amazing! Johnny’s 1st child!  There was a great future ahead.


    On March 7, 2015, Johnny had just left their personal bible study with Cindy on John 14.  Their personal vehicle had broken down for the last time, and Johnny had been studying which vehicle would be the safest for the new baby.  He found what they were looking for and set up an appointment for 10:30 AM to see it.  On his way to the appointment, Johnny rounded a corner and an SUV crossed the center line and struck his vehicle. Tragically, Johnny lost his life at the scene.


    Hopes, dreams and a future with his family were instantly shattered.  Cindy’s question was not “Why God?” it was “How can I make it?” Cindy was left at 8 1/2 months pregnant & no income.  The expense of the funeral and the bereavement process was tremendous. Cindy was left to once again pick herself up and try to put the pieces of her shattered life back together. -Friends of the Family


    It’s hard to imagine the devastation that such a sudden accident at such a crucial time can be, but Cindy was not alone. As mentioned above, she had met Johnny through Life Leadership; and because of the tremendous community that surrounded them–and the leadership that they were following–help and support was immediately available. Not only were her teammates able to assist with daily tasks and obligations, but the leaders of the community that Cindy is a part of took it one big step further. After some discussion with the AGO Board of Directors, a fund was set up and AGO agreed to match whatever the community could raise to support the Yoder family.


    In the few weeks after the fund was announced, almost $24,000 were donated by an incredible support team of family, friends, acquaintances and even LIFE Founders and Members that had never met this young couple. As promised, AGO matched this amount and donated another $24,000 toward the rebuilding of the lives of this determined woman and her children. Along with the financial blessing, Cindy soon thereafter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and named her Jonnie Rose–in memory of her Daddy.


    “After my husband was killed, I was absolutely beside myself. I was 8 months pregnant with 3 children and a disabled widowed mother in my care. I had been on-and-off of bed rest during the pregnancy, and therefore had not been working. Johnny and I had been utilizing the principles of the Financial Fitness Program, but we were not yet completely free of debt. In one horrible day, my world was turned upside down and my life was on the verge of ruins. Not only did I just lose my husband–I could possibly lose everything for which we had worked so hard. If employment didn’t come fast enough, my entire family could be without utilities and homeless. My fears mounted…Who would hire someone 8 1/2 months pregnant?! The response and support that I got from the LIFE Community and AGO was unbelievable!! Through the servant leadership of the LIFE community and All Grace Outreach, I received not only the ability to maintain my finances during this difficult period in my life–but a renewed faith and hope. The Life Leadership community and AGO are truly blessings to my family.” -Cindy Yoder


    All Grace Outreach is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, which means all contributions are tax deductible. Stories like that of Cindy Yoder’s family are experienced multiple times every day, and it is AGO’s mission to find and help those in need while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Throughout the Bible, a recurring theme is one that Chris Brady repeats often: “We are blessed to be a blessing.” If this story has touched your heart, and you’d like to be a blessing in someone else’s life; please consider donating to AGO by visiting the “Donate” section of this website.


    God Bless,




    May 26th, 2015


    Chris Swanson as new Spokesperson for All Grace Outreach (AGO)

    "Our legacy isn't created after we die; it is created while we are living." - Chris Swanson

    Chris Swanson, author of the book, Tinman to Ironman, was recently asked by the Directors of All Grace Outreach, including President Orrin Woodward, to step in as the official spokesperson for AGO--a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Throughout the time that the founders of Life Leadership have known Chris, they've discovered that he models exactly what it means to "GO, SPEAK and MOVE" with the purpose of spreading the gospel message of Jesus Christ all throughout the world. Chris has an undeniable passion for missions and service. He believes that "everyone should serve on a mission field, because we are called to it"; and his goal is to put All Grace Outreach at the forefront of organizing these efforts, in order to lead millions of people to the Truth.


    Having served with several Christian charities, including but not limited to, Feeding the 5,000 and Construction World Evangelism (CWE); Chris understands first-hand what it takes to build a "missions" culture! In order to make a difference in people's lives, it is imperative that we become the hands and feet of Jesus. We do this by loving and serving others. Swanson believes that All Grace Outreach is the vehicle that gives people a chance to model the 22nd chapter of Matthew in the Bible, where an interpreter of the law asks Jesus this question: "Master, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" And "Jesus replied, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'" (V.37) ..."And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'" (V.39). Swanson remarks:


    "This is going to be a global outreach, and we are going to reach all four corners of the world...Your testimony is shown through your actions so we are going to GO into all the nations, just like the great commission says. That's what the 'LIFE on Life' Initiative is all about: serving in children's centers by teaching kids to read, sending groups of people with the heart to mentor the unloved, abused and abandoned to impoverished areas, etc. We are going to infiltrate those areas; because that's the power we have with the Life community."

    The aspect that's so unique and special about All Grace Outreach is that everyone can play a part. In fact, it has never been more important for people to play their part. Chris explains three different ways that you can help make an impact:

    1.      TALK: - "If Jesus Christ changed your life, tell the world! It says in Proverbs 28:1, 'The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as lions.' We need to be as bold as lions about what Christ did for us. I love being a cop and an ironman, but I became a man when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior."

    2.     GIVE: - "Financial support is critical. There are over 3,500 verses in the Bible about possessions and only 500 on prayer. The Lord knew that we would struggle with hoarding and greed with our possessions. But, when you look at anyone who has a heart for giving, they would tell you that their greatest blessings came when they became a sacrificial giver. If you would like to financially support All Grace Outreach, you can do so by going to and give back to the kingdom of God."

    3.     PARTICIPATE - "Communicate with the person who led you to Life Leadership and ask how you can get involved with All Grace Outreach. They will keep you informed on future events and opportunities to serve."


    Chris's intense desire to make a difference and leave a legacy is clear, but his true purpose is rooted in his relationship with Christ and serving other people. He says:

    "I work in a very high-crime environment, and I have been exposed to so much that I realize that life is here today and gone tomorrow. I am not afraid of dying on the street or getting assaulted; I am not afraid of anything except for regret. I don't want to lie on my death bed and think to myself, I wish I would have served, or given, more. I want to be surrounded by the people whom I have invested in and poured my life into, and I pray that my actions inspire them to want to multiply their influence into other people's lives, as well. It is shameful and regretful if all we do is go through life and be served--and want to take and consume--instead of produce and harvest. We've only got one shot, and my mission as spokesperson for AGO is to remove all obstacles in order for people to serve and give back to God."


    God Bless, 




    May 12, 2015

    AGO 2014 Review

    In 2014, All Grace Outreach (AGO) continued to fulfill its mission of impacting and improving the lives of children both locally and globally and funding Christian outreach efforts world-wide.  Our fundraising efforts for 2014 brought in $272,551, which is a 16% increase over 2013.  The operating expenses for the year totaled $10,976, with $6,531 going toward booklets that are handed out for free, and the remaining going toward accounting, banking, and office items.  Donations to worthy charities for the year totaled $256,089, with $5,486 designated for donation in the first quarter of 2015.  As a result 96% of the funds were, or will soon be, distributed by AGO to organizations that focus on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or assisting women and children in distress.   Following is a partial list of organizations that AGO supported in 2014.  We pray that God will use all donations for His glory through renewed hope and a better quality of life for those in need. 

    •Ligonier Ministries •Shephards Theological Seminary •GAP Ministries •Haiti Charitable Holdings •Zoie Sky Foundation •A New Beginnings Pregnancy Center •PLNTD •Founders Ministries •Italy for Christ •OneLife Church

    AGO does not employ any paid staff and runs completely on volunteer labor and donations.  Words cannot express how grateful we are to all who have contributed their time, talent, money, and effort to advance our cause and be service to others. We are excited about all that God has in store for AGO and the ministries it supports in the coming year. 


    God Bless,


    January 29, 2013


    AGO 2012 Review

    Throughout 2012, All Grace Outreach continued its mission of impacting and improving the lives of children both locally and globally and funding Christian outreach efforts throughout the world. It was a phenomenal year for AGO. We feel humbled, honored, and blessed to have been able to touch the lives of so many struggling people as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

    Our fundraising efforts for 2012 brought in $397,760 (a 95.5% increase over 2011). The operating expenses for the year totaled $6,110, of which $3,968 was used for booklets that are handed out for free, with the remaining for accounting, banking, and office items. Donations totaled $344,850, with the remaining $46,800 designated for donation to various charities in the 1st quarter of 2013. As a result, 98.5% of the funds were, or will soon be, distributed by AGO to organizations that focus on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and/or assisting women and children. Following is a list of some of the organizations that AGO supported in 2012. We pray that God will use all donations for His glory and renewed hope and a better quality of life for those in need.

    §  A New Beginning Pregnancy Center

    §  Founders Ministries

    §  GAP Ministries

    §  Ligonier Ministries

    §  PLNTD

    §  Pregnancy Care Centre

    §  Samaritan Center

    §  Wisdom for the Heart

    §  Zoie Sky Foundation


    AGO does not employ any paid staff and runs completely on volunteer labor. Words cannot express how grateful we are to all those who have contributed their time, talent, and effort to advance our cause. We look forward to what God has in store for 2013. May His love and grace abound to all those who thirst and hunger for His love. God Bless, AGO

    January 24, 2012

    AGO 2011 Review

    2011 was a fantastic year for All Grace Outreach and we pray our efforts are making a difference. This year we raised just over $203,500 through our fund raising efforts. The operating expenses for 2011 were just under $12,000, for just 5.9%. The expenses included $2,700 for a new website, $6,700 for booklets that are handed out for free, with the remaining for accounting, banking and office items. Donations totaled roughly $146,000, with the remaining $45,500 designated for donation to various charities in the 1st quarter of 2012. As a result, over 94% of the funds were or will be distributed by AGO to organizations that focus on the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ or that are assisting women and children. Below is list of some of the organizations that AGO supported in 2011.

    §  Founders Ministries

    §  GAP Ministries

    §  Here’s Life Inner City

    §  New Beginnings Pregnancy Center

    §  Our Family Services

    §  Planted

    §  Samaritan Center

    §  Wisdom for the Heart


    Since AGO does not employ any paid staff and is run 100% on volunteer labor, we would like to thank everyone who donated their time and talents. We look forward to what 2012 has in store. God Bless, AGO

    January 30, 2011

    Columbus, Ohio - AGO Welcomes Guest Speakers from the M.O.R.E. Project

    AGO welcomed special guests Katy Holt-Larsen and Sergio Ponce from The MORE Project during an event on Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. “The M.O.R.E. Project is dedicated to changing lives and restoring families living in extreme poverty in Brazil. To the lives it touches, the MORE Project means more hope, more health, more caring and more love.” Chris Brady (AGO Supporter) shares a very touching and revealing conversation with Katy and Sergio about the harsh realities of life in parts of Brazil. The challenges facing the families, particularly the youth, of Brazil can be overwhelming. The efforts of MORE are focused on educating and improving the lives of those suffering and being lead astray by their culture.To learn more about the MORE Project, please